Are you an Elasti-mum?

As mums we can all relate to the Incredibles 2 super-mum – pulled in all directions, and stretched to the limit – whilst saving the world!

But as mums, can we always relate to each other?

Working mums can wonder what stay-at-home mums do all day – and stay-at-home mums can wonder if working mums really do “have it all”!

So, how is it for you?

Is the life of a stay-at-home mum a glamorous routine of coffees and running clubs? Or do the few precious child-free hours quickly get filled with housework, chores and admin?

If you’re trying to get back to work or start a new project is it easy to find the time? Or is it difficult to concentrate surrounded by mess and a child trying to tap the keys on your laptop? Surely you’ve had time to look after the kids, tidy up, get to the shops, make dinner... and start a new business!

What about the life of a working mum? Surely it’s great to get out and be a professional person. Use your brain. Dress for the office not for wiping up the toothpaste that’s all over the sink.

Or do you feel overwhelmed – balancing work, the kids and the jobs piling up at home. Meetings at times when you should be getting home to the kids. Male colleagues putting in the extra hours whilst you’re worrying about childcare! Guilt at missing school activities, a partner who could really help out more, a nanny who doesn’t do it the way you would

What gives? A bit of time for us is what gives

We all want to be the best we can be in whatever situation we’re in: we’re all in the same boat… Like Elasti-mum, we all kick ass.

Why shouldn’t we feel and look good doing it?

None of us want to look shattered. We want to look like the best version of ourselves. After looking after everyone else we deserve time for ‘us’.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just have 30-60 minutes to re-group and pamper ourselves? I don’t mean sitting in the spa, planning a seven-week yoga retreat… If you can do that, great! What I mean is realistic time that we can spend on us, refreshing our look, clothes, and grooming routine.

When will we get time for this if not now? We’re by no means too young to use it, but we ain’t too old to lose it either!

We all want to stay current in our 40s and beyond. We want to look stylish without effort ­– ­ not spend hours we don’t have looking for something to wear and contouring our faces to look like Kim Kardashian. (Am I the only one that thinks everyone is starting to look alike? That’s a topic for another day, but don’t get me started with those fly away eyebrows and duck-like lips... such an annoying trend!)

I’d rather channel my inner-Bowie and celebrate my uniqueness while being on trend. We can combine current and classic trends and come up with a formula that suits us.

I’ll be running a number of free Elasti-mum taster workshops for all mums soon. The aim is to build healthy mum relationships, learn from each other – and celebrate each other for what we do and who we are.

There’ll be free style convenience advice, “15-minute out the door”’ makeup tips, smart shopping ideas, charity finds (a huge trend, believe me) and anything else you want to get off your chest or share to ease the burden!

If you are keen to learn more, register free now!

Enjoy the hot summer, must dash to pick up little one from her sleepover… Is a mum’s job ever done? Don’t be silly! Of course it isn’t!

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