Being a mum? Easy-job …really?

Being a mum is one of the most challenging jobs anyone can do. How do I know? I’m a mum like you! I find myself constantly trying to juggle being a mum, being a wife and being at work sometimes leaves me angry and exhausted, often with no time left for me. Whilst motherhood is utterly rewarding, you start to reap greater benefits once you’ve found a formula that works for you. You get ‘your groove back’, as they say. This is when you begin to look like you again after being dragged through labour and your body starts to look like that of a stranger…I know that feeling soo well! But we’re all in this together, and with our help you can rise above the stretch marks (what stretch marks??) and find your authentic self once again.

Attending our 1-1s or Super Mummy Workshops will help you understand why finding your authentic self is vital to helping you be the best you can be – even as you battle through so many chores, nappies, partners with man flu.... Little tips on make-up and grooming, and how to approach post-pregnancy shopping, will set you on the road to finding yourself again and boost your confidence levels.

We do this best when we pool our resources as mums – and that means talking to YOU about what YOU want.

We’ll take you through everything from ‘how to get out of the door’, how to get made up in 20 mins, how to get dressed in 10 and how to get ready for a ‘glam night out’ (can’t remember what it’s called these days...discotheque, anyone?).

Contact me and we’ll get the ball rolling!

The pregnancy is the easy bit...then motherhood phew!

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