R.E.S.P.E.C.T charities – they exist for a reason.

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The passing of Aretha Franklin reminds us again of the dreadful disease cancer and other diseases that plague our world.

Marie Curie, Cancer Research UK and British Heart Foundation are just a few of the big charity shop names on the high street: but they all exist for a reason – whether it’s care and support to people living with terminal illness or to fund life-saving research.

Flamingo Styling is unashamedly supportive of charity shops. We love what they do – and we love what they have to offer us as followers of fashion.

If you’ve never entered a charity shop for fear of being consumed by dusty old items and dark rooms, then be prepared to be amazed!

The charity shop is the place to pick up unique vintage and retro pieces. If you’ve always dreamed of finding your unique vintage or retro style – and want to support charity shops on the high street – we’ll help you do both.

Our workshops and one-to-ones offer you tips on how to coordinate a vintage or retro outfit – and where to find the best charity shops. All we ask is that you bring an open mind and a little patience.

Together we can support charity shops and the important work that they fund.

Follow us for charity shop tips – and updates on the new shopping section of our website: It’ll cost you, BUT, not a lot!

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