Wardrobe Decluttering

Wardrobe Declutter works wonders...


  • If your wardrobe is full of clothes but you still can’t find anything to wear.

  • If you’ve gone through a recent personal journey needing you to refresh your style.

  • If you really have nothing in your wardrobe and need to purchase key items to refresh your wardrobe.

  • If you have no idea what styles suit your body shape.

  • When you have clothes unworn still with price tags on them

  • If you want to create order in your wardrobe, to make it easier for you to pick up items and go!

  • If you want to create an up to date and effective wardrobe, including accessories.

  • If you’re stuck in a rut and feel like your wardrobe and style needs refreshing.

  • If you have items, you could sell to make a few £’s but don’t know how.


How it works:

We can’t do this without getting to know you a bit more, your lifestyle, personality, current shopping habits, where you are with your life now. We aren’t being nosy, it just helps us do our job perfectly and save you time.


Armed with all the information you provide us, on the day of the session, we will thoroughly go through your wardrobe items.  Be prepared to try on some of them so we can both make an informed decision as to whether to keep, donate, tweak or sell. We won’t leave without giving you wardrobe organiser tips on how to continuously maintain a clutter-free wardrobe.

At the end of the session, we will provide you with shopping list recommendations. The next stage will be our Personal Shopping session which we will discuss with you should you wish to proceed.


How long will this take? Depending on the size of your wardrobe, it usually takes a minimum of 3 hours.  Should you need an extension, we will be happy to discuss this with you at an additional cost.


How much it will cost: £250 for 3 hours (an extension would be an extra £50 per hour).


Areas we cover:

The main areas we cover are London and the South East.  Any travel outside of these areas will be charged at £20/hour, excluding the actual cost of travel. We offer a free 30-minute consultation within the UK excluding travel costs.  This is a great opportunity for us to meet you, go through your requirements, work out the best way to tackle them. For a first meeting, we suggest somewhere public like a coffee shop.   



To book your professional Flamingo Wardrobe Declutter, contact us today.




Everyone is unique, and everyone's style is unique.


The road to looking effortlessly stylish and feeling good about yourself is knowing what suits YOU…not what looks good on someone else.

Our aim is to help you find your own ‘personal style’, helping you understand which styles flatter your body shape and why so that you can confidently select the clothes and accessories that suit you’re your lifestyle, personality, and your budget needs.


How it works:

By filling in a short questionnaire and forms, this will help us to get to know you better, so we can cater to your exact style needs. We will go into detail about what suits your body shape, educate you on how to make the most of your features and how to take attention away from features you don’t like. Remember, there is no such thing as a ‘bad’ body shape, it’s all about how you dress to bring out the best in YOU.  Our session will cover colour, styles, fabrics, patterns, lengths, age-appropriate clothing and accessories, as well as the best places to shop for your age and budget.


We will provide you with a guide to updating your style, choosing the right outfits, things to avoid, maintaining your clothing etc. You’ll leave us with improved confidence and gained knowledge of your personal style and more…


How long will it take?

We ask for a minimum of 2 hours of your time but can extend at your request to no more than 4 hours as an extra cost.


How much it will cost:

For a 2-hour session, we charge £110 (an extension is charged at £40 an hour).

** prices for consultations vary depending upon various location or specific requests.


Whether it’s a wardrobe update or something for a special occasion, we are ready to help.  If you fancy bagging yourself a vintage bargain and doing a little good too, our Vintage Stylist is on hand to guide you to the swankiest charity shops in the country.


Visiting from out of town or really busy? We can carry out our initial consultation on the phone or via Skype and have everything preplanned for you.


Contact us today for a 30-minute taster, half day or full day session.



We all need a little coaching from time to time. Whether your focus is personal or professional – Confidence and Coaching Workshops will make an immediate difference to how you feel and how you come across to others. Let us coach you… gently.

  • Is a lack of confidence holding you back?

  • Do you want to get that spring back in your step?

  • Want to feel good on the inside and think positively?

  • Want people to listen to you and be in control?

Looking and feeling confident is vital to how we navigate our daily lives and tackle our goals for the future.

Flamingo Confidence & Coaching Workshops will boost your morale and lift your spirit – so you can raise the roof!

Contact us today.


super Mummy Workshops

We know that when you’re a mum it’s hard to make time for how you look. Your clothes have got to be comfortable, practical and you’ve got 10 minutes to get out of the door!



Flamingo Styling will give you quick and effective ways to look and feel stylish. We’ll show you how to make the latest fashion, style, and makeup trends that work for your life as a busy mum.


Flamingo Styling Events host Super Mummy Workshops, one-to-one's, or as part of a coffee morning with friends. 


Contact us today.



Fun and inspirational – that’s what a good event should be, and that’s what Flamingo Styling Events do.



We cater for events of all shapes and sizes, from personalised, intimate gatherings to big bashes. We'll leave you feeling alive, inspired and admired!


  • Super Mummy workshop and one-to-ones

  • Charity personal shopping events/workshops

  • Stag or hen do

  • Bridal shower

  • Baby shower

  • Girls’ night out

  • Afternoon tea party

  • Children’s pamper party

  • Key milestone celebration


Contact us today.


It’ll cost you, BUT not a lot

Do you love vintage and retro style?

Then you’ll love the new section on our website.

We'll be talking all things beautiful and treasured: key pieces that will make you go ‘wow’ – charity finds you won’t believe!

Get tips on how to coordinate a vintage or retro outfit – and where to find the best charity shops.

Love vintage but not quite sure how to make it work for you?

Our tips, plus your skills – and bit of creative imagination. You’ll be rocking your own vintage style!

If you’re a charity aficionado, we’d love to hear about your retro finds on our discussion board.

You’ll have the chance to buy items you like on the page too from our new shopping section, "It’ll cost you, BUT not a lot".

Snappy, eh? But how does it work?

Well, my budding chariteers, you see an item, whoever clicks the 'buy' button first', owns it! Simples! remember there is only one of each item.

Best of all we pledge to donate 10% of income from sales to a worthy cause. So shop guilt-free: vintage and used clothing is the best and most chic type of recycling and raises money for charity. We’ll be adding our donation on top.

There’ll be a chance to win stuff too. Yup – free stuff! But you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Keep a lookout on our website and the blog section for more retro news!


makeup and grooming

If you’ve never worn make-up and would like to start at its very basic or perhaps your makeup has been the same for as long as you can remember, Speak to us…


Learn tips on how to look flawless in 30 mins or less, while still being able to recognise yourself.

You’ll discover how to enhance your face shape and features using the right colours and shades to suit your complexion.

If you’ve never used makeup before, don’t worry! We will show you step by step how to introduce colour without looking overdone.


How it works

We will provide a makeup expert who will educate you on the best and quickest techniques and applications.  You’ll be given the opportunity to ask plenty of questions during this session. At the end of the session, you will be provided with your personal beauty sheet.

What will it cost?

£45 for a day look (45 mins)

£65 for an evening look (55 mins)


Grooming (for men and women)

Grooming for men or women should be easy and straightforward. If you’re not sure what skincare grooming routine works for you? Contact us...

**Please note that prices for sessions vary depending upon location or specific requests.

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